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Visiting pegla is always fun. Somehow it usually involves an I've-got-weirder-stuff-than-you contest. Unfortunately my new Pink Panther movietrailer (Eeek! Steve Martin!) and The Girl Is Mine sung by Richard Cheese and Stephen Hawkins lost the battle against a mixed choir singing Nintendo classics and a movie of a house decorated with Xmas lights programmed to flash along with a gothmetal song.

After the clash of the freak files, we fixed Xmas dinner (mmm, fajitas), watched The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, stand up comedians, Jack Jack Attack, played a short round of Command and Conquer Generals and had a good talk about Life, the universe and everything.

Tomorrow, I have to help feed about 500 mouths. Yes, it's Xmas brunch and dinner at the job. Woe is me.

Merry Christmas all.
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