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Radio, someone still loves you.

Last year, one of the country's most popular radiostations (3FM) decided to dedicate the five days before Xmas to a good cause. 3 DJ's voluntarily went into a specially prepared studio in the middle of a big town square (aptly named The Glass House) where they would stay locked up without food and where everyone could come by, visit and donate. Via email, text messages, internet and phone, listeners and companies could request a song for cash. Also there were auctions of celebrity items and a big van drove around the country to collect more money, with the aid of popular bands and singers. The whole event (Serious Request for Darfur) was such a big success that it was repeated this year, with the only difference that it lasted a day longer.

Picture 3 DJ's, each presenting 8 hours a day, collecting anything from 15 to 5000 euro's per song, no food, just water and juices, locked in a glass studio (with only a little bathroom and bedroom shielded from the public), people phoning in, telling about how they ran around their workfloor to collect money, artists donating workshops, livingroom concerts, signed merchandise, etc etc. A live cam on TV at certain hours during the day..... Even politicians asked the government to support this charity campaign!

After 6 days of fasting and making radio for Congo (this year's charity), today the preliminary result was revealed. 2.2 million euro's! I am touched that even in economically unstable times, people are willing to help those less fortunate.

What a way to start the Christmas weekend.


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Dec. 24th, 2005 06:01 pm (UTC)

All the more I love the Dutch.
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