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And on we go.

Hello dear journal. Far too long, isn't it?

Birthday come and gone, already 28 years and 1 month (more or less). Wow.

Work has been less stressful lately, mainly thanks to drop in reservations and parties. I'm not complaining. Still, I keep on looking for other work. Had the jobinterview at the casino yesterday. One hour, lots of pretty difficult questions they shot my way. Looking back I think they're looking for someone older, more stern and authoritive than me. But you never know: 2 openings, 12 candidates..... But in the mean time, I decorate Xmas trees (there's only 19 this year >.<), scrub floors and fix broken tiles.

Then there are some health issues. My ankle still hasn't recovered from the injury a few months ago. Jumping and running are possible, but not welcomed by said ankle. Next time I'm at the doctor's I'll ask him to send me through to a specialist in the hospital. This monday I'll be at the doctor's anyway. Once or twice a year I have a cold sore (koortslip for the dutchies). Herpes related illnesses run in the family. But this week the virus decided to show itself in a whole new way. In stead of just one blister on my lip or the corner of my mouth, I now have little red bumps and a big hot red spot on my left shoulder. Doc's assistant suspects shingles (gordelroos). Great, I can look forward to one or two weeks of itchy shoulder that I'm not allowed to scratch.

More fun: money. I worked in Belgium for two years and I still have a small amount of cash in a special account there from a belgian pension fund. Give or take 1300 euro's. Since my bankaccount has been in the red for far too long, I asked what would happen if I transferred the money from belgium to my own dutch account. Get this: if you touch your belgian pension account before the age of 55, the government takes 40% away in taxes. So it doesn't matter if I take the money now or in 5 or 10 years... 40% gone. I earned that money, dammit. Backwater country.

OK, I'm done fuming now. Car's working again, though there's some trouble with the engine not getting enough gas from the tank. Must look into that if I ever find the time. Still have to go see Harry Potter, though no time this weekend. Work on saturday, family day on sunday. Stay home, unwrap Sinterklaas presents (the original Santa which the americans molded into their own Coca-cola Pre-fab old fat guy), eat, be merry.

Next few weeks I'll be looking forward to:
- seeing Jesus Christ Superstar in the theater
- working too hard at Boxing day and the day after
- another letter from the casino saying Yes or No
- new contract negotiations with boss
- a letter from the exam office telling me if I passed my tutor/mentor exam
- New Year's Eve in Maastricht, including Thai Dinner.

Speaking of Thai, I bought a can of Thai red curry soup yesterday and ate its contents for dinner. I barely survived :)
And I shaved my goatee off.
And Roomie Rick has a new (secondhand) car
And I wish I had ice cream now, even though I should seriously consider a small diet again with all the festivities coming up.
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