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Slooooow Europeans

Isn't it funny? The new Mega-Hit (The song that our largest public radiostation recommends as new, fresh and probably a bestseller) this week is actually almost a year and a half old. Every two hours you hear this megahit on the radio.

It's Tenacious D's 'Tribute'. I'd never heard of them until I saw the video last month on MTV. Weird, but funny, I thought at first. But I gotta admit, the more I hear the song, the more I like it. So now I'm downloading the album. Yes, I admit it! With wonderful tracks like Cock-Pushups and Fuck her Gently this seems like a wonderful album to listen to with the whole family on a sunday afternoon. NOT! :D As long as I'm having a good time ;)

I should get me some George Carlin too while I'm surfing. I heard his Airline Announcements once at a friends' place. I believe I nearly wet myself. But maybe that's too much info ;)

Hrm, so little to do and so much time!... Wait.... reverse that. ((c) Gene Wilder - Charly and the Chocolate Factory)

Do any of my loyal readers recommend Catch Me If You Can? It's either that or Two Weeks Notice, and since I'm not gonna go watch a chick-flick all by myself, I'm opting for the first one. It's about time Indiana Jones 4 hit the theaters. Or Xmen 2. Or XXX2. Or Harry Potter 3. Or Lord Of The Rings - Return of the King. Can you tell I'm a movieaddict? Probably gonna go see Gangs of New York tonight.

Darned PC, download faster! I'm also still waiting for the latest episode of 24, series 2. Talk about plottwists and excitement! God, I love that series.

Time for my valium. Gotta run and wipe that froth from my mouth. Laters!

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