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To-do list for today

If I ever get out of bed, which is momentarily not very likely, regarding the weather outside. But still....

- Do laundry
- Buy new lightbulbs and change the dead ones at home
- Buy and fix indicator light at front of car (Need help to dis- and reconnect battery)
- Write application letter to casino Keep your fingers crossed.
- Send Bander cash
- Order CD or DVD from club before they send me an unwanted one
- Clean up room Sorta.
- Try to finally finish final level of Tony Hawk Underground
- See if gamestore has Sly 3, then buy it.. They didn't have it, and after checking my bankaccount, I'm glad they didn't. LOW on cash. Eek.
- Sort junk in storage room
- Come up with ideas for new menus for the park
- Bring backpack with important stuff to gamingclub

Other stuff done:
- Sent bill to event company for the demo's we (gamingclub) did at their big event. Cash for our club, always good.
- Sold my soul to VISA. Had to sign and send contract thanks to new laws and regulations.
- Played a bit of World of Warcraft on PC and a bit of Shadow Hearts 2 on PS2

Oy vey.
In other news: Yesterday I had my exam for Tutor/Trainer (SVH Leermeester). In 4 to 6 weeks I'll know if I passed in which case I'll officially be allowed to coach and train students in the 'field' of hotel and restaurant business.

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