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I am alive.
I have shown kandra a bit of Amsterdam and a bit of Scheveningen and gave her good food ;)
I went to NYC with bander and lots of good times were had.
I still need to sort out those pictures and write a decent report.
I survived the high season at work, and the following 'end of season' staffparty
I am a bit worried about my parents. Dad is still suffering from heartbeat irregularities and mom's allergies are draining her energy.
I have an offer to go visit Berlin this month. Don't think I'll get the time off, but I can always try
I'm seriously considering visiting California in January
I had a good laugh with Tim Burton's Corpse Bride
I now have a lvl 45 paladin and a lvl 25 warrior kicking butt in the world of Warcraft
I still haven't found a better job
I got a set of miniature whiskybottles from my roommate for my birthday
I am now 28 years and 2 days old.
I was in the FC Twente football stadium on my birthday, teaching the game of Mikado to a bunch of fanatic Africans. Don't ask.
I feel 40 years old at this very moment.
I'd like to thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday
I need new shoes for work. The others lost their waterproof-ability today, resulting in a very wet sock and foot.
I should update my icons with more recent pictures.
I grew a goatee.
I'll shut up now.

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