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Saturday: At work, listening to the radio, hearing that this weekend the radiostation (3FM) is giving away two tickets to see Jamiroquai in New York City. Unfortunately I'm too busy to pay much attention to it.

Sunday: Alarm goes off at 6.30 am to pick up a friend in Eindhoven, then drive to the German city of Essen for the annual SPIEL games trade show and fair, the biggest in Europe. On our way, we're listening to that same radiostation. At one point, they ask to call in and qualify for the grand finale where the tickets will be given away. I call in, I get through, I recognize three snippets of Jamiroquai hits and I end up in a high hat together with other contestants. Out of the 10 qualifiers, 2 were going to be called back for the finale.
The day goes on, I spend a little cash on roleplay books and a new game, ice cream and german bockwurst mit bratkartoffeln. At 5.30 pm my phone rings. It's the guys from 3FM. All of a sudden I'm in the final round, playing a quiz against another contestant. All Jamiroquai questions. I blow her out of the water 5-0.

Result: This saturday I'm flying to


for four days, including attending a


concert on Times Square!

If I manage to meet him as well I can die a happy man.
Oh, I asked bander if he liked to join me. He's now gonna have to kiss up to his boss to get the days off. I'm sure they'll understand ;p

Lady Luck has smiled on me today. This next week I will have no worries or stress. I'm gonna bite a big chunk out of the Big Apple.
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