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Back at mom's and dad's for a day. Picking up the CDchanger for my car, and my new suit (chalkstripe, mafia style, baby!). Life's going on at a normal pace right now, with worries disappearing one at the time. Biggest ones still remaining are "How am I going to get my finances back in order after dealing with a) expensive new (used) car, b) expensive car insurance and c) paying for my new apartment?" and "Will I ever be able to cancel my old apartment without having to throw out the two girls now staying there, since they've agreed to take over everything I can't take with me to my new apartment?"

Oh well, we'll just sing Hakuna Matata once more and pretend all my problems will go away by ignoring them :) *just kidding*. It's only money. At least I didn't lose a limb in the car accident. Right? Right.

By the way.... hello pinstripemafia, who found my selfcentered rambling interesting enough to label me as a friend :)
Oh, and errr, thaily, as soon as I get my sketchbook back from Darkfoxx (or should I say "If" ? ;) I'll scan your picture and send it to you.

Anything else to report? Mmmmm..... I managed to open a bottle of beer with a lighter. I'm a real man now. Next thing I should do is buy one of those checkered lumberjack shirts and talk about 'hot chicks' all day *laughs*

Maybe I should also open a German journal. Just to practice my German since it's gonna be part of my new job. "Gesundheit." There, I spoke German!
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