Rob Driessen (rob_d) wrote,
Rob Driessen

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One of them days

- You snap your shoelace while pulling it.
- You get a warningsignal from your car (engine overheating!) so you stop along the road and lose two hours waiting for the emergency repair service while you were supposed to be at work, and all the repairman can do is hotwire the fans.
- You get stuck in a big trafficjam because one of the main streets you usually take has been closed for asphalt renovation, so you're even more late.
- You dress up in a nice suit because there was a possibility that you'd get sent to a tradefair, but being late at work, someone else was already dispatched.
- You spend the rest of the afternoon behind the laminating machine in the office, working on temporary road- and parkingsigns for an outdoor re-enactment event.
- You get back home so tired that you forget to call your mother to congratulate her with her birthday (Thank God Dad sent me a textmessage to warn me)

I'd better go to bed and forget about this whole darned day.
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