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Phew, I managed to survive two heavy days at work. Yesterday the battle against the shake-machine, today the end-of-month inventory-check. The counting isn't the bad part, putting everything into the PC is. Things like this will only make me enjoy my li'l holiday that much more. Today was also my last day as member of the 'crew', tomorrow I'll be running around in management-outfit. Let's just go with the flow and see what happens.

Not much to report otherwise... There's a pile of laundry that needs to be ironed, but 3.30 am is not a sensible time to do it. I think I'm gonna draw a little tomorrow. I bought me one of those home-courses, titled: Drawing cartoons. I've got everything at home from pencils to ink to charcoal. All I need to do now is pick up a pencil and start practicing. I'm afraid of what my first doodles will look like. Can someone please reassure me and tell me that his/her first tries at art sucked too? :)
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