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Things you do while you're all alone and injured.

Even the longest journey begins with a single footstep. I think that was Confucious.

I now own my own domain So far nothing to see, but it has a nifty forum!.
Furthermore the owner of Monsterhits FM webradio has offered to help me put together a radio-DJ demo that I can send to the larger radiostations in order to get noticed/hired, AND he's going to help me build my own home-studio for web-broadcasting (depends on the investment I have to make). I dabble a bit with programs like Acid Pro to make some jingles and fillers for him and while it's certainly no top-of-the-range, I think it's fairly decent what I create.

So... Rob's possible future, V 0.1
Radio DJ with at-home jingle recording and production facilities, promoted through own website. Forum is already there for all my fans *whaha*.
Spare time could be filled with DJ gigs (drive in, not mixing), and finding a band to sing again (there's a website where you can find a band and a band can find you).

Now I've always been the risk-avoiding type, but a councellor once advised me to read Paolo Coelho's The Alchemist and it sorta gave me the courage to at least set that first single footstep. Wow, I'm starting to sound spiritual. Plus, the fact that others are also looking into promotion/business via the web (waves to _graywolf_ and maartje) boosts my own confidence a little.

In a nutshell, I'm maybe on the road to something new. Help, pointers, support, everything is appreciated at this point.

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