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Today's WTF moment:

(CNN) -- Police in northern Ohio on Monday rescued eight children whose parents told authorities they kept the kids in locked cages for their own protection.

The children, ages 1 to 14, were found locked in cages at their home in Wakeman, about 40 miles southwest of Cleveland, according to Lt. Randy Sommers of the Huron County Sheriff's Office. The children were all either adopted or foster children, he said. Authorities said the kids were kept in wooden cages, less than 3 feet by 3 feet, without pillows or blankets.

Shortly after being found, the children were sent to Fisher-Titus Medical Center in Norwalk, where they were listed in good condition. The children's parents, Mike and Sharon Gravelle, had 11 children in all, according to authorities. Police said no charges had been filed against the parents.

"Basically, the parents thought they were providing for the protection of the children from themselves and from each other," said Sommers. "They thought there was circumstances with these children that warranted the cages at night," Sommers added, but he would not go into details of what those circumstances were. All 11 of the children found in the home have been placed in the custody of the Huron County Department of Children and Families.

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