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8 weeks until b-day

November 4th, I'll hit the 28 mark. That day itself I'll be gone, but I think the day after (sunday) might be a good day for a get together.

For a change, I've decided to put up a wishlist. Mostly to kill time while I sit here with my leg up. So... if you wanna send me gifts, have a looksee here. For the record: I like hugs just as much, so don't feel obligated to get something from this list.

24 - season 1
24 - season 2
24 - season 3
Mark Billingham - The Burning Girl
Simon Scarrow - The Eagle's Conquest
Simon Scarrow - Under The Eagle
Jamiroquai - Dynamite
Ben Liebrand - Grand 12 Inches Vol. 1
Colin Dann - Pride of the plains
R.A. Salvatore - The Two Swords
Eoin Colfer - The Opal Deception
Gold Digger - Gold Brick #3
A set of absinthe glasses and spoons


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Sep. 11th, 2005 11:45 pm (UTC)
And here I was theorizing how people got older, the more they appreciated "useful" gifts, such as ties, undies or shampoo. And so I see here... DVDs, CDs and comics? :P

By the way, couldn't find any bottle of MD 20/20 anywhere. After searching literally a dozen stores no one was able to help me. Not even after they had consulted their catalogs. :\ Are you sure that stuff is even being made?
*hugs* At least sorry for not being able to help you with that request. Make it up on your birthday with something else? ;)
Sep. 12th, 2005 08:47 am (UTC)
Hey, if you want to buy me expensive useful stuff like Jean Paul Gaultier perfume or an electric razor, be my guest! :D

And about that bumwine, don't sweat it man. The stuff IS being made, but you probably won't find it in supermarkets or upmarket liquor stores. They sell it in places where the bums go themselves, those sleazy 24-hour booze shops with all the iron bars in front of the windows. Or that's my guess at least.
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