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What I wouldn´t give for one boring, uneventful day.....

Boss messed up with this weeks dutyroster, so everyones' schedule has been changed. Working tomorrow, free this sunday, when all the shops are closed. Bleh.
The new house is officially ours now. Starting Valentine's day, me and my 2 coworkers can move in and start redecorating the place. Pro: it's big. Con: The apartment is situated in the darkest corner of a large industrial area. Creepy, but hey, I have a new place to live. The owner has even agreed to let us use some of his internet-account, so within a few weeks I´ll be back online more often!

Aaaanyway, the most ideal situation now would be that I can move EVERYTHING from my old apartment in Maastricht, my parent´s attic in Eindhoven and my small room in Noordwijk to my new apartment before I start my new job at March 3d. Even more ideally would be that I would be able to cancel my apartment in Maastricht, and that the two girls living there now could stay and take over all the stuff I can´t use/don't need anymore. Normally the housing committee has the last word on that, but maybe I can trade in a few favors. Hopefully.

All in all, life should be returning to something resembling ´normal´ pretty soon. Can't be too soon enough for me. How I'd love to simply spend a Sunday sleeping in, walking around in my bathrobe, drinking tea and watching sports all day. And win the lottery while I'm at it.


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Feb. 5th, 2003 10:37 pm (UTC)
You seemed interesting so I added you to my friends list.
Hope you don't mind!
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