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Imagine this: Not only do you work a 50+ hour-a-week job, you also happen to be the president of a student's gaming society. This week is the week that all the new students pour into town to discover their home for the next couple of years. You want them to join your club, so you and your other 'boardmembers' arrange for 2000 flyers to be printed and inserted into the goodiebag that every new student gets. Furthermore you keep your gameroom open every night from 4pm to something a.m. to give everyone the opportunity to visit your club when they find the time. You're lucky to get 5 hours of sleep each night.

In the mean time you hurt your back at work while trying to push a very, very heavy cart to its destination. You ignore the pain but after two days you just can't take it anymore and consider the option to go home sick. You still can't afford to be sick, so despite backpain you're going to work tomorrow.

If you can imagine this, you've just been through my week.

On the fun side: Saw first two episodes of Carnivale season 2, and re-saw Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban.
So far I haven't seen one minute of that new TV channel Talpa which we now have. Can't say I feel like I'm missing something.
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