Rob Driessen (rob_d) wrote,
Rob Driessen


So, yesterday I decided to do something completely different and I went to an Erotic Lifestyle event known as the KamaSutrA, together with bander and maartje. After having fun (NOT) with finding the right parkinggarage we arrived at the venue in Utrecht: the 'Jaarbeurshallen'. One hour later and 17 Euro's poorer each, we came out again. What a disappointment. Maybe my expectations were too high, but to me the whole thing was nothing more than an erotic market with a few shows. Dildo's, DVD's and skimpy outfits everywhere, but also 'naughty' chocolates, erotic photographers and paintbrushers. A section of the market was off limits to me, being only for couples. The shows were interesting, but nothing special. You had to pay 7 Euro's extra for the erotic theatre (which I didn't visit), the so-called Champagnebar didn't serve real champagne but rather 'Methode Traditionelle' and the so-called Cocktailbar only sold premix bottles like Bacardi Breezers. As Maartje said, there wasn't anything there that you couldn't get in your 'normal' erotic store.

After that, we quickly peeked inside the Casino in Utrecht, since it was right next door. Nothing thrilling going on, so we were outside again in less than half an hour. Next stop was Rotterdam. Ate at Pizza Hut (yay for Coke light pitchers), then said goodbye to Bander and Maartje since they were going to catch a movie with friends. I couldn't resist the temptation and had a look inside the Rotterdam casino, also not having been there before. This one was much nicer than the one in Utrecht; it looked like an old shoppingstreet with nooks and crannies everywhere (filled with slotmachines of course). Tried my luck briefly at the Black Jack table and walked out with 50 Euro profit, enough to cover my costs of the day :)

Went home, saw bed, went zzz.

Now, more work.

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