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At parents now. Dad's celebrating his 55th b'day, gave him a bottle of Balvenie Portwood Finish Whiskey. Mmmm.

Too many of my entries have to do with alcohol. Call it professional deformation. I've been working in the food and beverage business for too long. My motto is: try everything once! And that includes stuff like bumwine and good absinthe as well.

By the way, _graywolf_, it just so happens that my dad has a colleague from Switzerland. I should ask him for Kubler or Petit Suisse, right? :D

I am going to have a few drinks and snacks downstairs now, talk with old friends and get up at 6.30 to hopefully be in time for work tomorrow morning. Pray for me.

Mom just gave me two books as a present: 1000 quotes about success, and The Passionate Scorpio (your lovelife astrologically explained). I think it's starting to get to her that I'm still single. Hahahaha. I laugh.

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