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Piet bloody Paulusma

Our country is so 'backwater' that even our weathermen are celebrities. There's the good professional guys like Erwin Krol and Peter Timofeeff, and then there's the "I'll-go-anywhere-for-money" horror that is Piet Paulusma.

Piet can't remember his lines, even though he writes them himself. Piet does his weathertalk from a different location every day. Be it the summermarket in Retardedville or a farm where a lamb with five legs has just been born in Themiddleofnowhere. And he doesn't choose these locations, no, people and organisations are willing to pay big bucks to have this nitwit do his item in their street/village/community.

My boss is one of them. Granted, every Dutch person with an IQ of less than 70 loves him. He has lots of viewers and if he says he's at the Amsterdam Zoo, then the next few days the zoo will be flooded with people who only go there because the place was approved by Piet. So anyway, boss paid money, appointment made for today, 7pm. We've got 60 Brits at the park showing us life in the Roman era, so the Piet publicity machine would draw thousands more to the park.

Guess what? His manager somehow doublebooked him and totally forgot that we had first dibs on the guy. He didn't show up.


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