Rob Driessen (rob_d) wrote,
Rob Driessen

I'm... confused. Having just seen Kaze, Ghost Warrior for the first time, I have mixed feelings.
First of all, after meeting Mr. Albee I've come to admire him for his uniquely positive look on life. You can't help but smile and feel ready to take on the world after a word with him. He created Kaze in 6 months with just 5000 bucks and 2 PC's. Just him. Fan or not, you HAVE to give him credit for that.

But now onto the movie itself. Visually, it's stunning indeed. Beautiful landscapes, such gorgeous fur, the look of the movie is just .... wow. That's why it surprised me so that the movie lacks so much in other departments. The sound is a whole lot less impressive. The three voices (all by Mr. Albee) sound like they're talking from inside a phonebooth, and other soundeffects are minimal. Furthermore I feel that the story doesn't deliver. In the beginning there's a mysterious intro about the main character, but just when you think Kaze's off to kill those responsible for the deaths of the people he swore to protect, the movie is already over. I wanted so much more out of the story.

It just saddens me that my review is so .... disappointing. I don't have any knowledge about movie-production or stuff like that. I just wonder why Mr Albee chose to label this movie as 'finished' so it could get published. With more soundeffects, maybe more different voices and a more compact story, it might have been the 'breakthrough in animation' that some claim it to be. After watching Kaze, I felt as if I watched a work in progress, not a finished product.


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