Rob Driessen (rob_d) wrote,
Rob Driessen

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I'm intoxicated so I'm gonna keep this brief.
I now have 15 days off from work. a.k.a. holiday. 5 of those days will be spent at Eurofurence. The other 10 are still open for negotiations, though some of them will most likely see me visiting Maastricht.

Saw The Girl I Fancy again today. She told me she'd felt uncomfortable all week, since I labeled our going to a concert as 'date'. She just wanted to make sure that I didn't grow any expectations. Bleh. It didn't even hurt when she said it. I guess I harness myself against disappointment whenever I talk to a pretty girl so the blow doesn't come unexpected. On the other hand, I'm probably too obvious and transparant in my efforts. I try too hard.

Ah forget it. I'm going to bed. Concert's still on though.
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