Rob Driessen (rob_d) wrote,
Rob Driessen

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War, Room, Music

The new War of the Worlds movie was a big letdown in my humble opinion. But at the same time it's a ringing endorsement for the childfree community. I was actually hoping for the aliens to rip them to shreds. But my homocidal tendencies have passed now. Time for sleep.

By the way: Anyone still have room in his/her room for Eurofurence? My group has been disbanded, so I'm currently without one and I wouldn't want to be put in a room with total strangers.

By the way too (for Dutchies): Weet iemand hoe een rss link te maken en mogelijke downloadlocaties voor iPods? Dit voor het webradiostation waar ik af en toe draai. Valt uitzenden via iPod ook onder een BUMA webcastinglicentie?
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