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Fortune favors the brave

Right, so, well, ehm....

Early this morning, I stopped at the local main post office to get 2 tickets to Jamiroquai. The sale had only started 80 minutes before I arrived, but already all standing tickets were sold out. Whoah. I settled for the 'best available' tickets and got two seats at a nice angle on the first ring. I didn't have any idea whom to take with me, but hey, with 3 months to go, shouldn't be hard to find someone. bander crossed my mind, or a longtime friend of mine from Maastricht, but then suddenly it hit me.

I arrived at work, asked around a bit and discovered that The Girl I Fancy was working as well. (see here if you missed my previous entry about her). I gathered my courage, stepped up to her while she was flinging clay/loam at a newly built wall and asked her what kind of music she liked. Her first answer was Disney. Wahey! Then she started about soundtracks, Ally McBeal and such. I asked her opinion about Jamiroquai and she said he makes good music.
Me: "I got tickets for Oct. 7 in Rotterdam. Are you brave enough to go to a concert with me?"
She: "Hehe, sure."
Me: "Cool. It's a date then."
She: "Okay."

So.... sorry to disappoint you guys, but the ticket is gone. To a very good cause I might add. Next tasks: Try to take her out for a drink somewhere between now and the concert, and ask around for a nice place close to Ahoy for an after-concert drink.

Was listening to Live 8 on the way home. The Who on stage. So you expect them to play something classic from Tommy or such. No way. First song: Who are you - Theme song from CSI. Second song: We won't be fooled again - Theme song from CSI Miami. Silly guys.

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