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Tag, I'm it.

hylian tagged me for the 'Hate to love, love to hate' musicmeme, meaning I have to unveil which three songs I would rather not admit to love, and which three songs will torture me in hell when I get there.

I hate-to-love...
- Dan Hartman - Relight my fire. I have a collection of 70's disco music that would make any gay man or woman proud. Used to sing this song when I was the singer of a band, and I like the energy this song delivers. In a club I'd immediately jump onto the dancefloor, regardless of the consequences. Pity me.
- Bart Simpson - Deep Deep Trouble. I had been eating a certain brand of candy bars for weeks to collect the discount coupons on the wrappers. Sick in my stomach but with the discount I walked out of the CD store with The Simpsons Sing The Blues. At that time "Do the Bartman" was the big hit, but for some strange, wicked, deranged reason my attention went out to this little gem that no one probably remembers anymore. And to make things worse: DJ Jazzy Jeff produced this track. I know all the lyrics. Pity me more.
- Deee-Lite! - Groove is in the heart. Another floorfiller from the gay scene. It has Bootsy Collins, it has those weird flutes that you can slide up and down, it has Q-Tip, it has a female singer that tries too hard to sound genuinely english (I think she was Russian). It has all the things that would make a normal person run away in terror. I love it. You can stop pitying me now, it's not helping.

Runner up: The KLF featuring Tammy Wynette - Justified and ancient. The KLF were quite well known those days. KLF is gonna rock ya, Last train to Transcentral, 3 a.m. Eternal, all classics in the oldschool house scene. And then they did the unthinkable. They recorded a song with country legend Tammy Wynette. It's cheesy beyond belief, but in my eyes this song invented the Mashup genre.

I love-to-hate:
- All 'gimmick' songs: The Macarena, Schnappi, The Ketchup Song, the Crazy Frog.... Yech. Even though you don't WANNA know, at some point you learn how to do the dance that goes along with the song. We never heard another thing from all those artists. Thank God for that.
- All Christmas popsongs: Last Christmas, Do they know it's Christmas, All I want for Christmas is you, etc. Especially when you're still single, these songs are unbearable. It's probably different in the arms of someone special. But for now: I hates them all! Filthy Hobbitses!
- Eastcoast/Westcoast rap. Didn't like Biggie, didn't like 2Pac whether they were alive or not. Nothing but guns, ho's, drugs and everything else you'd want your kid to stay away from. Snoop Dogg might sing about the same topics, but I still believe he's only making fun of it. Will Smith is a whole different category: positive rap. I'm more for that.

Shall I tag some people? Nawww, feel free to steal. Lemme know though.

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