Rob Driessen (rob_d) wrote,
Rob Driessen

Telegraph time again

Good news: I bought a new car today. It's a Seat Ibiza 1.6i 75 horsepower. In case you've never heard of Seat: it's the Spanish kind of Volkswagen. The car has all the works: CD-changer, climate control, airco, remote, electrical windows, etc. etc. I'm still waiting to get money back from what's left of my old car, but my parents have promised to help me out, so I don't have to need to loan money. I love my mom and dad, go figure :)

Less good news: Real estate agent called today. The house I was interested in renting was originally a house for sale. Two days ago a buyer showed interest and now the seller is negotiating. If the buyer buys, I have to start all over again to search for a new place to live. I'll know more by monday. Bleh.

Tomorrow it's shopping time when me and mom go looking for a new suit. I gotta look schmoove when I start my new job of course ;)

This Sunday Superbowl Sunday! Which two teams are playing? I'm gonna watch!
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