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Argh, even my days off are filled with work of the domestic and necessary kind.

Done today:
- Clean up room
- Do laundry
- Take out garbage
- Change bedsheets
- Vacuum/hoover

Tried but failed today:
- Getting car tires re-balanced and -positioned (steering wheel starts shaking at 100 km/h)
- Getting new video card for laptop (Computerstore claims it's impossible since everything but memory and harddisk is welded together inside a laptop)

To do tomorrow:
- Get a haircut
- Fix car tires, attempt #2
- Buy new bookcloset (IKEA)
- Be at home between 11am and 1pm for visit from possible future roommate
- Apply for card for members-only mega foodstore (Sligro)
- Buy new white shirts (HEMA)
- Be at pegla's around 4pm to return CD's, donate computer magazines and check out his new house
- Possibly visit _graywolf_ and celtic_man with a dead hare and bad Absinthe ;)
- Pay bills through online banking
- Get subscription to social housing magazine.

But I still had time for an anime-meme.
LiveJournal Username
Do you watch anime?
Do you speak Japanese?
Do you read Japanese?
What if LiveJournal were an anime?
Pick a Beach Boys song.
The performer of the opening themelady_93
The magical girlselderaya
The talking animalclsa
The lecherous old manpegla
The teenager who uses ancient magic to win gamesjohnnyk
The fifteen-year-old Japanese girl with blond hair and a D cuphylian
Number of seasons it would last11,317
This Fun Quiz created by Elizabeth at BlogQuiz.Net
Cancer Horoscope at DailyHoroscopes.Biz


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