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Dance Dance Revolution is dangerous to your health

Imagine a weekend with 20 strange people (myself included) in a small hotel near the sea playing games, drawing, drinking gallons of Orange Juice and watching movies. Sounds like fun, right?

WRONG! Well, it *was* fun, until that unholy moment where I - Mister-dances-worse-than-a-ton-of-bricks - decided to take on the Dance Dance revolution machine at a local arcade.

For those of you who don't know... You're standing on a small dancefloor with four tiles around you - front, left, right, back. You watch a screen in front of you, and while a song plays, you see arrows moving up the screen. At exactly the right moment you have to step or jump on the matching tiles. If you do it correctly, you might even think you're actually dancing.

The songs start off pretty easy, but by the third song you're a) getting tired, b) feeling your muscles and c) facing GODDAMNED FAST songs! Especially when you have this kind of bravado like "Oh, what the heck, let's try the most difficult song!".

Now, it's two days later and my left foot hurts. I actually strained a muscle while playing a video game. I've hit a new low. Laugh at me, I deserve it.

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