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Mmmm Baileys. Hey _graywolf_, the stuff's on sale this week at Gall & Gall :D Bought me a bottle, drank a few glasses while watching the second half of the first Godfather movie (Roomie Rick was already watching when I came home).

Yeah, I know. I've been spending money again, even though I promised myself I had to save. Oh well, maybe tomorrow I'll be run over by a train, or simply don't wake up. At least I'll have had my fun. But no morbid talk now. Started at the radiostation again, recorded a show and might be doing a live one again next saturday.

Work's going nicely now, but we've been so foolish to look ahead at the next few weeks. For the next 6 weeks, schools will be invading the park with an average of 1000 kids a day. (And thaily, we still have job opportunities :p). And for the next 5 fridays, I'll be the unofficial master of ceremonies of the park. I have 5 weddings in a row to cater for. First one tomorrow with cool celtic band Rapalje! Maybe I'll forget that I'll be working 15 hours tomorrow. I hope so.
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