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I live yet again

Saturday night, my car slipped on an icy spot on the highway. My car rolled over entirely once, and landed next to the highway in the grass. My car is completely wrecked, I stepped out with only a bruise to my shoulder and a bump on my head. No concussion, nothing. My guardian angel must´ve been sitting on my shoulder.

So.... My car´s dead, I´m still alive. I´m doing OK, it´s happened, not much I can do about it right now. It´s all in the hands of the insurance company folks.

In other news, I´ve been invited for a meeting with the commercial director of the hotel. He noticed me when I was singing at the annual staff party :) And furthermore, I´ve got some good options for a new place to live, only 5 miles from where I work.

Anyway, I hope I had all my bad luck in these past few days (broken car, broken glass door of a cupboard and washed my favorite sweater too hot so I ruined that one as well). Things can only get better. I hope.
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