Rob Driessen (rob_d) wrote,
Rob Driessen

Parental alert!

I am such a loser. I invited my parents over for next sunday so I finally have an excuse to clean the house again. I'm weird. Ironed shirts today for almost 3 hours. Went to the drycleaner's to drop off 5 pairs of pants. I think I've washed 5 loads of laundry in the washingmachine. Changed the bedsheets, vented my bedroom. I feel accomplished.

Gotta work next three days, meaning no Queen's Day celebrations for me. Bleh. Well, to be honest, I shouldn't complain too much. After reviewing my financial status and paying some bills, I've come to the shocking conclusion that I should lock my wallet until EuroFurence. Next month I'll get some extra's in the shape of vacation pay and hopefully also a taxrefund, but still, things don't look too good for me at the moment, financially speaking.

Elf Fantasy report and pictures will be coming soon, but not now. Alarmclock goes off at 6.30. That's too bloody early for me. I hope they'll let me go early as well, but you never know at that park.
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