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Next Sunday:

08.00 wake up
08.45 drive to Leiden central station together with roomie rick and celtic_man
09.00 pick up bander and maartje, then hurry to the Elf Fantasy Fair
10.00 gates open (I have a ticket left if nefariouscory decides to go on Saturday
19.00 closing ceremony after which I've hopefully met Terry Pratchett and Andy Serkis (again) and bought too much junk. (Sorry, _graywolf_, you won't get me in a corset ;)). And maybe Dave will have found me a present too :p
19.15 Drive home with Rick, Maartje and Bander, maybe chill at my place for a while before bringing the latter two back home.

- With a little bit of luck I'll be free for Queen's Day
- Sucker Punch has confirmed production on Sly Raccoon 3: Honor amongst thieves. Bentley in a tuned wheelchair!
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