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Another one of them update thingies

Since I seem to specialize in non-coherent rambling... here's some more
- Tonight: the Two Towers. Me, my dad, popcorn and soda. Let the attack begin.
- House: still room 11 in the old staff-hotel. When looking for new homes I bump into two major problems. One: The house belongs to a housingcorporation and can only be 'won' through some freakish lottery (the longer you're a member, the more chance you have of getting said apartment). Usually I end up somewhere between 125 and 300. Two: I find an apartment through a real estate agent and they expect me to immediately pay the first month rent, safety deposit and their commission fee. All in all a few thousand bucks. Right away. Forget it. No offense, but it seems the only way to get a house in Holland is to be in a wheelchair, over 65 years old and foreign.
- Girls: some progress, nothing worth publishing though.
- Family: mom went through some pretty heavy surgery to remove her hyperactive glands (? The things in your head that produce your snot and slime). Maybe for the first time in 15 years, she'll be able to smell something. Grandparents aren't doing very well either. Old age is getting to them. I hope can all stay safe a little while longer. Last thing I need is a funeral on a depressingly wet, cold and grey januari-morning.
- Cash: running on empty. Why did I feel the need to buy a home cinema set to celebrate the fact that I got a massive 200 buck-speeding ticket? Some wires are crossed upstairs. Watching a DVD kicks ass now though :D
- Mood: I want to find a new apartment! Period. One I can afford, one that's not in the middle of nowhere... Why is it so hard here? Second of all: I want promotion. Sounds stupid if you're only in your current position for 3 months, but it's a position that I've seen long enough now. Waiter. They call it Chef de Rang, but typically you're just a waiter serving tables. I did hotel management school, I'm supposed to know how to run the entire godd*mn Food&Beverage division. Bleh, I know I'm only 25, but I've been a waiter for far too long. I need challenges again. Maybe going abroad isn't such a bad idea after all. Get away from this tiny country with too many inhabitants and too little good jobs.

Anything else to report? I went to see Aida with my parents (rocks!), I went to see the Blues Brothers official tribute musical (rocks even more!).... Errr.... mom thinks I'll be bald when I'm 30. I have thin hair, yes, but bald?.... On the other hand, women find bald men sexy, right?

Aaaanyway, everyone have a great Xmas and New Year's eve. I gotta work during all festivities. Let's just hope the customers are in a Giving kind of mood. Tips really ARE lifesavers when you work in the hotelbusiness. See you all in 2003. I got me a lottery ticket, so who knows, I could start the new year as a millionaire (Yes, I'm a dreamer.)
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