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On TV there's this promo for a new series called 'My restaurant rules.' I don't feel like explaining the show, but somewhere in that clip you hear a guy shout. "I love stress and the stress loves me!". Well, I don't.

Work just seems to be piling up in stead of getting done. For each thing on my to-do list that I finish, two new items appear. In the mean time boss still likes bug me with every insignificant idea that pops into his head. Both candidates for partymanager decided to drop out of the race having found better jobs elsewhere. I can't blame them. The roster has changed because of the upcoming opening, start of the season. I'm heading for my thrid week of working six days. My day off has moved from monday to friday, meaning I'm now heading to work for day 6 of 10. Take into account that our usual day lasts 10 hours and you'll understand I have no time for chores, do my laundry at night, and haven't seen my friends in weeks.

Yesterday was a very rough day. For some reason I only managed to get 2.5 hours worth of sleep. I went to work, stumbled around like a zombie, left at 5pm but only because I had a valid reason: family get together. Drove for 2 hours to Limburg, spent an hour in church and three hours in some sportscanteen where granddad had ordered a small dinner buffet. Then the drive back, which was close to suicide. Stopped twice along the way, once to close my eyes for 15 minutes, and once to get some sugar and cafeine into my system. Got home at 1.30 am. Now it's 9am and I have to be at work again in 2 hours to train all our new staff. I pray to God I can leave again right after that, but most likely I'll be kept there until 6.

I still like my job, but the hours are killing me. Almost literally.
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