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Mar. 12th, 2005

I have a love-hate relationship with IKEA. I love to walk around there, watch people, be amused when parents are STRONGLY urged to pick up their sprout from the ball-playground. I don't mind carrying the heavy boxes, trying to stuff them in my car and bring them home. I also honestly don't mind putting the stuff together. That's why it's cheap, YOU do the manual labor. What I HATE though is that I just spent 5 hours on putting two drawerclosets together. I must admit that I watched Spiderman on TV while DIY'ing and that I was mildly distracted when Kirsten Dunst ran around in a wet blouse *cough*

Tomorrow I'm supposed to show up at work for 'Jobmarket'. People who are interested in a job at Archeon are invited to come over, have a drink, listen to employees tell their wonderful stories and to sign up for more info. It's a sham. We already have enough employees to start the new year with. This jobmarket is mostly to collect people for the 'reserves' list and even more to get some free publicity. "Oh, look, Archeon has a jobmarket! That means they must be opening soon!" Heh.

Sunday I'll finally have a day off again, then it's 7 days straight, courtesy of a 2-day training eating up our days off. Calamity training, how to act when there's a fire, explosion, accident, etc. I'll bet it's very interesting, but right now, I'm not in the mood for education. I'll probably know most of the stuff already.

Another candidate for our vacant room, thanks to landlord. Hopefully we'll finally have one starting april 1st. I've thrown away enough money this last year already.


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Mar. 12th, 2005 12:09 am (UTC)
Just think that every work day has an end, and it should give you something to look forward to.

Enjoy your Sunday off...make the most of the day, stay in bed late and chill

Mar. 12th, 2005 06:55 am (UTC)
Lemme know if there's a job opening where I get to play with fire XD
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