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I could use some more energy. Been sick last wednesday and thursday, managed to get my butt to Eindhoven on friday for the Rowwen Heze concert, which my dad and I enjoyed immensely. Saturday was spent in the company of jonesybunny, pegla, kaelin_tiger and skunktaur, watching a little San Andreas being played, seeing the awesome Lady Heather's Box episode of Crime Scene Investigation and lateron going out for kebab and Constantine. Sunday was zombieday, staying in bed until 2pm and not doing anything productive.

Monday, back to work: almost ready with the jobinterview marathon. After that, meeting with the gamesclub boardmembers. Tueaday, work from 9am to 9pm. Today, work, groceries, football on TV. If I finally manage to catch boss, I can show him the list of applicants whom I want to hire so he can give the OK. Then there's gonna be an introduction day for all the new employees just before easter (and I have to write a big reader for that, still). And after that I can finally put the whole personnel management experience behind me.

Oh no, wait. We're also looking for a new chef >.
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